Grants Criteria

Grant applications deadline is December 1

Piedmont Asian American Club (PAAC) will issue grants that support its mission.  PAAC seeks to engage the schools and community in educational and cultural activities that serve to:

  • Widen awareness of Asian American issues and perspectives
  • Explore various Asian history and cultures
  • Examine social issues affecting Asian Americans
  • Collaborate with other community groups to further increase diversity and cultural awareness in our multi-ethnic environment

Grant size typically range from $200 – $2000.  Larger amounts will be awarded in special cases if it makes a significant impact and serves a greater amount of people, depending on the funds available.

Grants will be reviewed within 4-6 weeks of receiving the completed application with notification of grant status shortly following.  Grant applications received on December 1, will not be notified until the last week of January due to the holidays.

In the past PAAC has supported the following events:

Cultural Events:  Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, Lunar New Year

Community Events:  Co-sponsor with PADC of Piedmont’s Martin Luther King Day activities and Diversity Film Series

Community Donations:  Piedmont Mandarin Language program, stipends to elementary schools, Piedmont Beautification